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Автор: | 25.06.2023

Hello in English: How to Say and Use

Greetings are essential in communication. They convey respect, politeness, and goodwill. In English, the most common and familiar greeting is “hello.” You use it when meeting someone for the first time, when interrupting a conversation, when answering a phone call, or simply to acknowledge someone’s presence.

Saying “hello” implies that you are open and friendly to the person. It can also mean that you are willing to engage in a conversation, or that you are pleased to see them. Here are some ways to say hello in English:


It is the most common and universal greeting in English. We use it in formal or informal contexts. It is suitable for addressing strangers, acquaintances, or friends.


“Hi” is less formal than “Hello.” It is an informal greeting that is prevalent among friends and family. It is suitable for both verbal and written communication.


“Hey” is also informal and familiar. It’s typically used with friends and in casual settings. It’s usually not appropriate for many work-related contexts, where “Hello” or “Hi” would be preferred.

Good morning/afternoon/evening

“Good morning,” “good afternoon,” and “good evening” are slightly formal greetings used during the day. They show politeness and respect. It’s often a common greeting in business settings and polite social situations.

What’s up

“What’s up” is a slang greeting that is commonly used in casual settings among friends. It’s an informal and familiar way of asking how someone is doing.


“Howdy” is a casual greeting that is commonly used in Southern American states. It is part of the Southern dialect. The word is short for “How Do You Do.”


“Yo” is an informal greeting popular among young people and hip-hop culture. It’s commonly used as a casual acknowledgement between friends.

When to Use Hello in English

“Hello” is a versatile greeting that is suitable for a wide range of situations, both formal and informal. Here are some examples of when to use “Hello” in English:

Meeting someone for the first time

When you meet someone for the first time, you can say “Hello” to introduce yourself.

Answering the phone

When answering telephone calls, “Hello” is the most common and acceptable greeting.

Entering a room or joining a group

When entering a room or joining a group of people, you can say “Hello” to acknowledge their presence.

Interrupting a conversation

When you want to interrupt a conversation with someone, you can say “Excuse me” or “Hello” to get their attention.

Starting a conversation

When you want to start a conversation with someone, you can say “Hello” or a variation of it.


“Hello” is a common and versatile greeting in English that can be used in various situations. It is often used to show respect, politeness, and to acknowledge someone’s presence. There are also other ways to greet someone, depending on the context and relationship with the person. Knowing how to say “hello” in English is essential in establishing a good relationship with others and creating a positive first impression.

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