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Автор: | 25.06.2023

How to say movie in English

The word movie is a common term in the English language. It refers to a motion picture, often of a fictional nature, that is created for entertainment purposes. Generally, movies are meant to be watched by large audiences and are released in cinemas or on streaming platforms. In English-speaking countries, the word movie is used interchangeably with the words film, motion picture and cinema.

The history of movies dates back to the late 19th century when Thomas Edison and his team invented the Kinetoscope. This was followed by the Lumière brothers who created the first public movie screening in Paris in 189 Since then, movies have become a popular form of entertainment worldwide.

Movies come in various genres such as action, comedy, romance, horror, drama, and science fiction. They are created using different methods and involve a lot of technical work such as casting, screenplay writing, cinematography, sound design, and digital effects. The entire process of movie-making can take several months and require a large budget.

To say movie in English, you can use the following phrases:

Movie: This is the most common term used in American English and refers to a fictional motion picture created for entertainment.

Film: This term is used in both American and British English and refers to all types of motion pictures, including documentaries and art-house films.

Motion Picture: This is a formal term and is used less frequently than movie or film. It is often used in academic or literary contexts.

Cinema: This is a term used in British English and refers to a movie theater or a place where movies are screened. In American English, cinema is not commonly used and is replaced by movie theater.

In summary, the English language offers several phrases to refer to movies, films, motion pictures, or cinemas. Regardless of the term used, movies remain a popular form of entertainment worldwide, attracting billions of viewers each year.

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