как по английски читается now

Автор: | 24.06.2023

Now is a common word in the English language that is used to describe the present moment or current time. The pronunciation of this word is /naʊ/. It is used in different contexts, such as in everyday conversations, news reports, business meetings, and in literature. Understanding the usage of the word ‘now’ can help improve your communication with native English speakers and enhance your overall language proficiency.

In everyday conversations, the word ‘now’ is frequently used to refer to the present time. For example, if you want to check the time or ask someone for the current time, you can say, What time is it now? or Do you have the time?

Another way to use ‘now’ is to indicate a change in the present situation. For instance, if you are on the phone with a customer service representative and you have been on hold for a while, you might say, I’ve been on hold for so long, can you help me now? In this context, ‘now’ indicates a need for immediate action.

In news reports, the word ‘now’ is often used as a transitional phrase to indicate the latest update on a developing story. For example, a news reporter might say, We are getting reports of a fire in downtown now, to convey the latest information to the audience.

In business meetings, the word ‘now’ can be used to emphasize the urgency of a task or project. For example, a manager might say to their team, We need to finish this project now, to indicate that timely action is required.

‘Now’ is also used in literature to create a sense of immediacy or urgency in the story.

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