английские выражения b2

Автор: | 24.06.2023

B2 level English expressions are an essential part of the language learning process. As a student of English language, your aim is to achieve fluency in communication and to attain this goal, you have to master some of the B2 level expressions. These expressions will help you improve your confidence in speaking English and make it easier for you to understand native speakers.

B2 level English expressions are a combination of idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, colloquialisms, and formal language. They are commonly used and very important in everyday English communication. This level is designed for intermediate language learners who have a good grasp of English grammar, vocabulary, and syntax.

To be able to master and use these expressions effectively, you need to understand their meanings and context. You should also practice using them in sentences to enable you to use them confidently when you speak. Below are some examples of B2 level English expressions:

The ball is in your court — This expression means that it is your turn to take action or respond to a situation.

To get the ball rolling — This expression means to start something.

Beat around the bush — This expression means to avoid talking directly about a topic.

To let the cat out of the bag — This expression means to reveal a secret or confidential information to someone.

Break a leg — This expression is used to wish someone good luck.

A piece of cake — This expression means something is very easy to do.

To pull someone’s leg — This expression means to tease or joke with someone.

Dead as a doornail — This expression means something is completely lifeless.

To hit the nail on the head — This expression means to identify or solve a problem correctly.

1 To cut corners — This expression means to do something in an easier or cheaper way, even if it is not the best way.

In conclusion, B2 level English expressions are an essential part of English language learning. They help you to communicate effectively and to understand native speakers better. You should aim to master as many of these expressions as possible to enhance your fluency and confidence in speaking English. To do this, you need to practice using them regularly in your daily conversations and writing.

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