английские слова 8 класс с переводом

Автор: | 25.06.2023

English Words for 8th Grade with Translations

Learning English language is a crucial part of education in modern times, especially in the 8th grade, as it facilitates communication and helps enhance one’s cognitive abilities. With the rapid advancement in technology, English has become an imperative language to learn and to be conversant in due to its worldwide acceptance.

Below are some English words for 8th grade students with their translations which will help in expanding your vocabulary and making your learning process more effective.

Accomplish — (достигать) to succeed in completing something

Example: She hoped to accomplish her dream of becoming an author someday.

Ambiguity — (двусмысленность) having more than one meaning or interpretation

Example: The ambiguity of the poem made it difficult for the students to come up with a valid interpretation.

Aptitude — (способность) a natural ability or talent for something

Example: Her aptitude for music paved her way to become a successful musician.

Condescend — (облегчить, покровительствовать) to show an attitude of superiority towards someone

Example: The professor always condescended towards his students, thinking that he was better than them.

Conviction — (убеждение) a firmly held belief or opinion

Example: Her strong conviction in God helped her overcome the challenges in her life.

Deceptive — (обманчивый) intending to mislead or trick someone

Example: The salesman was using deceptive tactics to sell his products.

Discrepancy — (расхождение) a difference between two things that should be similar

Example: The discrepancy between the budget and expenses was the reason for the company’s financial failure.

Emulate — (подражать) to imitate or copy something or someone

Example: The young athlete wanted to emulate her idol and become a famous basketball player.

Enthusiasm — (энтузиазм) a strong feeling of excitement or interest

Example: Her enthusiasm for dance was what prompted her to try out for the dance team.

1 Fickle — (непостоянный) quickly changing one’s opinion or affection

Example: The weather in this city is so fickle that you never know what to expect.

In conclusion, knowledge of English language is vital for academic excellence and overall growth. Using English words for 8th grade students with translations will not only help in enhancing vocabulary but also in understanding the language better.

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