английские слова 7 букв с переводом

Автор: | 24.06.2023

7-letter English words with translations

In the English language, there are countless words that are used every day, and some of them have only seven letters. Here is a list of 7-letter English words with translations:

Freedom — свобода

Freedom is a powerful word that represents the ability to act, speak, or think without restraint. It implies a state of being free from oppression or coercion.

Justice — справедливость

Justice refers to a fair and equitable treatment of all individuals. It is concerned with ensuring that people are treated equally and that justice is served in all cases.

Harmony — гармония

Harmony is the state of agreement and concord between things that are different. It implies a state of balance and orderliness.

Passion — страсть

Passion refers to a strong and compelling emotion that is felt towards something or someone. It can be positive or negative and can be either intense or mild.

Respect — уважение

Respect refers to the act of showing honor or admiration towards others. It is a crucial component in cultivating positive relationships with others.

Courage — мужество

Courage is the ability to face danger, difficulty, or adversity with bravery and determination. It is the quality that allows individuals to persevere in the face of obstacles.

Wisdom — мудрость

Wisdom refers to the ability to make sound decisions and judgments based on knowledge, experience, and good judgment. It is a quality valued by all societies throughout the world.

These seven-letter words are just a few examples of the richness and diversity of the English language. Each word has a unique meaning and can be used to convey different emotions and concepts. Learning new words can enhance our communication with others and help us more effectively express ourselves.

It is important to note that while knowing a variety of words is essential, using them incorrectly can lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, it is important to use new words in context and to understand their meanings fully before incorporating them into our vocabulary.

In conclusion, the English language is full of many words, and some of them have just seven letters. These words have various meanings and can be used to express different emotions and ideals. By learning new words, we can broaden our vocabulary and improve our communication with others.

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